Does Your Child Have Allergies? 3 Signs You Should Seek Testing

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Spring and summer are the prime allergy seasons, but they aren't the only ones. In fact, some people experience allergy symptoms in the fall and winter as well, depending on what they are allergic to. While most adults recognize allergy symptoms when they feel them, it can be difficult as a parent to spot them in your children sometimes. Especially with kids that are too young to really articulate what they are feeling, you should recognize the signs that your child may need to see an allergist for testing. Here's a look at some of the symptoms to watch for.

Your Child Rubs Their Face Frequently

If you notice that your child is rubbing their face much more frequently than they ever used to, and it seems to be a persistent problem, this could be an indication of allergy issues. When your child is experiencing itchy, watery eyes, itchy sinuses, and similar allergy symptoms, rubbing their face may bring some temporary relief to the symptoms. When you see little ones doing this a lot, it's likely that they are allergic to something and experiencing discomfort. 

Your Child Has a Rash or Itchy Skin

It's beneficial to familiarize yourself with the appearance of hives so that you can recognize this type of rash on your child. In addition to hives, you may find that your child is scratching or rubbing at their skin a lot, even without any kind of rash present. If you've tried lotion to eliminate a general dry skin issue with no relief for your little one, there's a good chance that the symptoms are the result of an allergen in the air that's causing the reaction. When that allergen comes in contact with your child's skin, it can result in irritation, with or without a rash.

Your Child Is Coughing a Lot

While most people associate allergies with sneezing and sniffling, many don't realize that coughing can be a symptom of allergic reactions as well. If your child has started struggling with a persistent, frequent, dry cough, that is a frequently overlooked symptom of allergies. It's not necessarily a respiratory cough but a cough produced due to throat irritation from the allergen.

If you or your spouse struggle with allergies, your child is far more likely to have them as well. However, that doesn't mean that your child can't have allergies if you don't. If you're seeing any of these symptoms in your child, reach out to a specialist today to learn more about allergy testing.

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